June 29, 2015

Monday Made It for June 29

I'm linking up once again with 4th Grade Frolics to share my Monday Made it! I've been beating the heat around here by staying inside and dreaming and crafting for school! So, today, all of my made its are classroom related.  After a few weeks of summer, it does feel good to be a bit productive.

Classroom Made It(s)

I made some ribbon tassels during one of my big craft days. I also wrote a tutorial about how to make them. They are very simple. You can find the tutorial here.

I also did a washi tape makeover on some small chalkboard easels I picked up at the Target Dollar spot (it's a lie to call it that-they were $3, but still a great deal, of course). I'm pleased with the finished product! I worked on some new pennants, but I am not finished with them quite yet!

My sister would like to point out that I have said "I only work on school projects for one week during the summer". Yes, I said that. I guess that is not true for this summer. Oooopsie. There's nothing like a new classroom to inspire you to do more work than you meant to, I guess!


My big project for this past week and the coming week is to complete my Math Quizzes for 2nd grade and get them ready to sell in my store. We started using these weekly in my grade level to track our students' progress leading up to our tests. Of course, this was before I started selling on TPT so most of them are on Word, and most of them involved clip art I "borrowed" from a Google search. So I'm reformatting and updating and making sure everything's legal. I am still writing them with the goal to keep them to a half sheet and include open ended, rigorous tasks. You'll notice that the TOC I included here is JUST for the OA strand. So, this is going to be a huge file. There will be at least one, if not more versions of a half sheet quiz per standard.

When my team gave these quizzes, we also had some written with standards mixed up based on EXACTLY what we were studying, which won't work for TPT world. This is because we never worked on the NBT addition and subtraction standards without also working on an OA.1 story problem type. Or, we may have included a special story problem type with a graphing standard. You know how it goes

With that said, here are some other things I'm hoping to include in addition to the quizzes just by standard. Got any other ideas for me?:
-Some Mixed Standard Quizzes (expecially with NBT & OA)
-A Checklist

Let me know if you have any ideas for my Quizzes!


  1. Stephanie, I love your pennant and ribbon tassel. I wish I could hang them in my classroom. The fire marshal is not my friend.


    1. Fingers crossed the fire marshal at my school is MY friend! I'm going to be hanging the tassels on bulletin boards, so hopefully at lest that will work!

  2. Love the ribbon tassels! I want to make those!! So cute! Thanks for linking up:)
    4th Grade Frolics

  3. Your pennants and tassels are so cute! I agree with the Dollar Spot... silly Target tricking us into looking thinking things are just $1... but they win again. :) I'm going to have to go check out my Target for those cute easels!

    1. Definitely go check it out! I saw a teacher somewhere recently post about painting the wooden part of hers bright green! They are cute and the possibilities are endless!

  4. I love the tassels! Thanks for sharing,
    Are We There Yet?

    1. Thanks! And Thanks for stopping by to read!