June 26, 2015

Five for Friday


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On Saturday we had a double date night to see Jurassic Park! It was super fun. A great summer movie, for sure. I thought this was a cute picture of us, so I just had to share!

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Then on Sunday, we finally put up our curtains! Yay! It was pretty much the last thing we needed to do. I think the apartment looks a bit homier now. We're definitely ready to take a break from settling in and merging our homes. Dill, the cat, approves from his couch-throne.

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I visited the main campus of the Atlanta Ballet Education Centre on Monday night. It was beautiful and huge, and even better, the class was a great fit for me. Unfortunately, it's further away for me than the Buckhead campus, but I'm sure I can make the trip over there when I have the chance.

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I found a nearby Hobby Lobby on Tuesday. Actually, who am I kidding, Google found it for me. Anyways, as a result, I had a big crafting day on Wednesday. It was fun! My favorite new find was burlap scrapbooking paper. I also made some really cute tassels and write a tutorial on how to make them here.

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So one very special advantage (among many, of course) to my Big Move is being closer to my sister! So even though I visited last week, I got to visit again this week! I baby sat Tate for Jessica (my sister) while she taught music at VBS. He now says my name! He calls me "Sssss". And I love it! He is such a sweet little boy-my sister does such a great job with him. She's 37 weeks pregnant now with baby Cora and we are all anticipating her arrival! 

Happy weekend, everyone! 


  1. Sorry. I couldn't edit my other comment. I meant to say the Target Dollar Spot had cute burlap stuff for teachers yesterday.
    And I love the name Cora. That's my daugther's name. She's 7. :)

  2. I love all things burlap! Your apartment looks so cozy. My husband has been bugging me about going to see Jurassic Park....I guess I need to put that on the TO-DO list.

    1. Oh, you should go see it just for the fun of it, for sure!

  3. Your banner is so cute, and I really want to make one now. And Tate is just precious! Can't wait to see her new baby!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

    1. Thanks, Melissa! Hope things are going well with you! (Going to check out your blogs just to catch up...)