June 3, 2015

June Pinterest Link Up!

Today I'm linking up with The Inspired Owl and Pawsitively Teaching to share some Pins! This should be a fun month to link up, because many of us are on summer vacation and ready to share some pins that may have nothing to do with teaching! Here are my three Pins and inspiration for June:

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So let's just get the school pin out of the way. I am spending a lot of time daydreaming about my new classroom. I got to visit and take a look at it last week and it is Amazing--I think I have the best classroom in the whole second grade. There is a storage/walk in closet for crying out loud! I digress...Anyways, I plan on sticking with my same theme I've had going on for a few years: a Team Bradshaw theme with black and white polkas with lime green and aqua (It totally works, I promise!), despite the fact that the tables are RED. While perusing Pinterest for updates, I found Schoolgirl's use of daisies and her chalkboard lettering-those may be something I have to incorporate into my existing theme.

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NYT Cooking: Chicken Adobo

Here is a Filipino recipe posted from the NYT that I hope to try out as soon as next week! According to the article, it is "easy". Hopefully that means easy enough for my fiance and I to figure out and have fun cooking together! Just reading this recipe makes my mouth water...

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Wedding BINGO Game great ice breaker by KreativeCupcake on Etsy

My fiance and I attended a wedding over Memorial Day weekend that had a BINGO game as an ice breaker for the reception. I couldn't help but announce to all my new friends at our table that this is something I make my 2nd graders do every first day of school! We loved the idea and decided to steal it. We plan to have our guests use the game at our cocktail "hour".  Even though our wedding is not until October, I am going to use this summer to complete the DIY projects, so I'm looking for some fun ways other people have used this game at their weddings as well!

That's it for me! Check out the link up!


  1. I love Schoolgirl Style! The decor is to die for! What a happy classroom that would be! I haven’t heard of a bingo ice breaker at a wedding! I hope your guests love it! Congrats on your wedding!
    Triple the Love In Grade 1

  2. Schoolgirl Style has such cute decor! I'm thinking of changing mine up a bit next year. Good luck with your new classroom!
    The Busy Busy Hive

  3. I have some recipes I would like to try also.

  4. Good luck with your new classroom! I am in the midst of decorating mine! Such inspuration on Schoolgirl Style! Thank you for sharing and linking up!