July 1, 2015

I Made My "Masterpiece"!

Ok, so for week 3 of the TPT challenge, we were inspired to make our masterpiece. Now, I've put "masterpiece" in quotation marks, because I don't really feel like this is my masterpiece, but it is what I was in the middle of working on already.

And I told myself I couldn't do anything else until I got it finished. And I didn't actually think I would ever be finished with it. But I am now! Eeek! So there. 

I had served as the "Math Expert" on my 2nd grade team for about six years. Since then, we have done so much work as a team to monitor our students' progress, build their knowledge, and make improvements overall in our school's Math performance and curriculum...Data Teams, Professional Learning, Common Core...it was constant work.

But this year, I finally felt like I had the time to work on something that we could make work for US. We needed a way to more closely monitor the daily and weekly progress of our students. So,we began administering weekly quizzes and recording that info on our spreadsheets for grading. We use standards based report cards, so having this extra piece of info was so helpful! 

As a bonus-this was a great thing to grade and send home! With the advent of interactive notebooks, group work, and performance tasks, all of which often stay at school, parents don't always get the clearest picture of how THEIR student is doing! 

But of course, being a blogger/seller newbie, none of what I was creating on a weekly basis was TPT-ready! So that was my summer project. 

I went kind of crazy. I made sure every standard has its own quiz...or two...or more! There are 70+ quizzes so far. I expect it to grow throughout the years because I am always mixing and matching and tweaking, and I would like to offer this to my buyers as well.

I am going to sell it all summer for only $5! I think that this is a great deal for something any 2nd grade teacher can use all year to track student progress and help your students and parents track progress as well.

Also, I figured out how to make a gif. And uploaded it to Pinterest. Bam.

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  1. These look great! What a fantastic way to collect data. I'm with you, I always have a hard time finding stuff to grade and send home because most of what we do is in our journals. This will be an amazing resource!