March 31, 2015

My Tips for Teaching & Fitbitting

Take a look at the above picture. Which Fitbit log do you think is from Sunday? And which from Monday? If you're a teacher, you likely have a pretty good guess, and you would probably be right. Yep, the 14,000 step day was just a normal Monday!

A common fitness fact is that we should all try to get in 10,000 steps a day. As teachers, many of us likely come very close to that. But, what if you are not as active during the day as you thought? Enter the pedometer. If you do not already have a pedometer, or my new love, a Fitbit (or other fitness tracker), you should seriously consider getting one! They are a great way to keep track of your movement and keep yourself accountable and active!

That 14,000 step day, though? That didn't just happen. I had to put some effort and thought into eking every bit of activity that I could out of my day. Full disclosure-this was also a dance day for me. And although ballet doesn't register to be a very intense activity on my Fitbit, it does add some steps that I would not have otherwise had if I had been hanging out on my couch for the evening!

Now for the good part. Here are some tips from me about how to get more active during your teaching day:

Stephanie's Tips for Teaching & Fitbitting

  • Take the long way. Consider starting your day with not only a cup of coffee, but also by parking at the back of the parking lot, taking the stairs, or taking the long way around to your classroom.
  • Pace, pace, pace! You can pace and move at many opportunities in your day. For example, while your students are completing any kind of work, while you are making copies, or while you are monitoring the swings or the basketball court.
  • Walk your room. Get up at least once while you're teaching a reading or math group to check on your other kids and get your limbs moving. Try weaving in and out of desk groups while monitoring a test or quiz. How can you create longer walking paths by zig zagging or doubling back? 
  • Break up your jobs. I used to make a list during my planning of all of the things I could get done in one trip from my classroom to picking up my kids at Specials. Hey, my classroom is just sooooo far away from everything! So, if I gave myself 10 minutes, I could make copies, check out library books, and check my mailbox all on my way to get my kids from the Gym or Art Room. Now, if I have the time, instead of adding to a list, I just go ahead and complete that task!
  • Make a trip instead of a phone call. This only applies to mornings and afternoons, but can add some much needed steps to your day.
  • Use recess time wisely. At the beginning of recess, take a lap around the perimeter of your space. As a bonus, this also helps make sure there is an adult is keeping a watchful eye and lookout on areas of the playground we don't usually go. In addition, you just may have some of your kiddos join in with you! I love the conversations I get to have with my little ones who join me on my walk.
  • Do GoNoodle with your kids! If you are not already using this website with your students, you are doing a great disservice to all of you. Seriously. Try it out. Zumba and Run With Me will give you the most steps for your time AND they are fun! 
  • Watch your posture. Use the time when you are walking your kids down the hallway to assess and correct your posture. Keep your chin parallel to the ground, check your shoulder and back alignment, and use your stomach muscles to engage your core when you are walk. Then, breathe deeply and relax.
  • Unwind. Didn't get in all your steps? Well, what a perfect opportunity to take a walk outside. Enjoy the beautiful weather, spend time with yourself, or invite a loved one along. Think of it as an opportunity to clear your head and prepare yourself for the days to come.

Well, those are my tips for getting as many steps as you can out of your teaching day! What about you? What do you do to increase your amount of steps during the day?


  1. These are great tips! I think you should post a video of you doing one of the GoNoodle videos with your kids. That's so much fun! I can't wait to be able to do them again without getting winded. Trust me, I tried at the beginning of the year, and it was bad. This preggo can't quite keep up!

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  2. These are really good tips! Thanks for telling me about it :)

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