April 2, 2015

Including Kids' Voices In The Class Newsletter

Today I want to share with you an extremely simple idea that has been a big hit with my parents! I send home a monthly newsletter on the first Wednesday of the month. In it, I include important dates, an overview of upcoming learning topics, a note from me, and most importantly: News From the Kids!

Take a look at one of my newsletters below. By far, the favorite part is the "From The Kids..." portion. I hope to update (read: improve) the layout and design of my newsletter next year, but this section is definitely staying!

As a Morning Meeting activity or time filler, I might have kids write their news to submit for publication. If we are running short on time, I may just sit with my computer at Morning Meeting and type up what they say! I am the editor, and since we don't have room for news from everyone, I just pick as many as I can possibly fit in the space! It's fun to reflect on the month behind us and see what really gets the kids excited to reminisce over.

Not only is this a great way to build our classroom community and encourage personal pride, but it also gets students to force their parents to read our newsletter! They are always so proud when their news "makes it" into the newsletter, and they want to make sure everyone reads it. Consider it one of my SNEAKY TEACHER TRICKS!

Do you have any fun newsletter ideas?

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