March 17, 2015

Dollar Tree Deals

There was just something about the beautiful Spring weather today that made my car leave the school and turn in the direction local Dollar Tree! It's just always a good day to get a good deal, right?

I am a devoted Dollar Tree shopper for many of my school needs. I've found that if I am willing to buy months in advance, I can find lots of goodies for different holidays and seasons in my classroom. You also just never know what you will find. So, today being March, I thought I would go check and see if their Luau stuff was out yet (it's not).

Here is what I found and how I plan to use the items:

1. Seed packets: Four for a dollar! We'll plant these for Mother's Day gifts and for our Life Cycle study and observation this Spring.
2. Graduate Certificates: For our end of the year awards. I bought the last packs at my Dollar Tree today. Last year I couldn't find them, so I had to make my own certificates and put some cute stickers on them. They were really cool, in my opinion, but I know my kids like these bright and shiny ones a lot!
3. Basketball Games: I'm going to find some way to use  this for March Math Madness next week! What a great find!
4. Sandwich bags: The only thing I really needed. I'll use these to get "Gumdrop Geometry" organized and ready for our lesson on Thursday.

When shopping at the Dollar Tree, you never know what you will find, so you have to buy it right away! I've found that things will stay there for a long time if no one buys them. However, if it is a popular item it doesn't get restocked. Even if it's Christmas and you just KNOW they are going to restock the cute reindeer games that you passed on at the beginning of August. They are not. Like any good retailer, by the time December has arrived the Dollar Tree has moved on to Valentine's Day, thank you very much.

Now the real trick is remembering that you've already bought heart pencil toppers or flamingo straws when the holiday comes around-but that's a whole other problem to solve!

Have you found anything amazing at the Dollar Tree lately?


  1. How cute! I can't wait to see how you use the basketball toy in "Math Madness"!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  2. Love the Dollar Store! Even though I teach pre-k, I can adapt some of your ideas for my kids!

    Learning at the Teacher Table