July 30, 2015

My Classroom! 2015

Tonight was Meet The Teacher for me at my new school! So, I'm ready to reveal my new-to-me classroom! It has certainly been a whirlwind of a week. I moved into my classroom on last Friday and have been doing my best to transform it during preplanning (which always seem to have less time to work in your classroom than you'd like it to). When I start planning to decorate and prepare, I always keep in mind that this space is my home away from home. It has to be happy, neat, and cute. It's so easy to walk through the door every day when you have a beautiful space! Well, easier.

When I visited my classroom on the last day of school last year, I discovered that, along with gorgeous windows and an amazing storage closet, there were red tables. RED. That didn't match my lime green, aqua, and black and white theme that I've had going on for the last few years, so I did a little switcheroo this year.

I kept the black and white and added red! Voila! It was a little bit of work and a little bit of purchasing, but it wasn't too bad! Now my classroom is fit for this UGA fan!  

I love this view from the front!

The view from small group table (the door on the left is my storage closet).

I'm learning to work with tables this year! The supply baskets will only come out when needed. I made my own name tags this year to match the room. The treat bags say "I'm glad you're here! Welcome to the TEAM!"
Touches to add pride to our classroom-a timeline for photos and an Owl mascot!

Slightly updated TEAM letters, new bulletin board letters, and bunting were projects I completed over the summer. 

A few "personal touches" that I've added. 
A door that's ready for my students to finish decorating & letters from last year's team greeted families as they entered the room.

Now I should probably get back to doing some sort of errand to get ready for school to actually begin. Or, maybe not! I hope you all have a great start to your school year!


  1. Beautiful! Your students will love spending their year in your thoughtful and organized classroom!