July 19, 2015

The Sunday Blues & A Challenge to ME

It's time to get back to the grind! I begin New Teacher Orientation on Wednesday, which means I started suffering from insomnia and back to school nightmares last week! The only other time I've been at a district's New Teacher Orientation, I was actually a new baby teacher. 7 years ago. I thought this time it would be easier or at least less nerve wracking, but it seems I was wrong!

I know that I will learn lots of valuable information about my new district during the orientation, but I also know that meetings like this are prime time for me to daydream, make endless to do lists, and, frankly, stress myself out. As a result of this impending doom (dramatic, I know), I decided to challenge myself to take care of ME this week.

Sound selfish? I don't think so! I can't give anyone my best if I haven't given it to myself first. And I believe that's true for everyone. I'm fighting the Sunday Blues with a different type of to do list. A short and totally DOABLE list of some ways I'd like to take care of myself this week!

Check it out:

1. I want to go sit by my pool at least once this week! Gotta get that Vitamin E!
2. I need to make sure to pack some good food and water (I might even get fancy and infuse it!) to get through my long meeting days with a clear head.
3. I'll diffuse some relaxing lavender in my home and remind myself to breathe.

Ahh, even typing it makes me feel better! Will you join me? Teachers, please take care of yourselves in the coming weeks.


  1. Best of luck at your orientation! I also need to remember to take better care of myself in the next few weeks so I am ready for school to start! Thanks for the reminder!

    Life As I Know It

    1. I just had to reread this post as a reminder to myself! It's so easy to get swept away in B2S!

  2. Good luck at your orientation! It seems really early to have that though! When is the first day of school? And thanks for the reminder! I am one of those teachers who has 24/7 teacher brain. I'm always thinking about school, but I know I need to take some time to relax and take care of me as well. I'll be getting away for a vacation this week, so I guess I'll be forced to do that then... even though I'm sure I'll sneak in some back to school shopping too. haha

    Teaching in the Tropics

    1. It is so early! Tomorrow is the first day (which is why I'm just getting around to replying) with kids! We have lots of breaks and get out at the beginning of June. I'm hoping I like all of the extra breaks in the middle!