August 2, 2015

Bulletin Boards

Today I am linking up with two of my favorite 2nd grade Bloggers, Angie Olson and Ashley Shroeder to talk about bulletin boards.

Conveniently enough, I have just finished setting up my classroom and I have one BIG tip for you when it comes to all things decorations:

Make it beautiful, eye catching, and well done, but leave space to create the room with your students!

Take a look:

I picked one accent color to use with my black and white prints with burlap accents, layered some borders, created an extra display space on the maintenance closet door, and that is it! I now have blank spaces for anchor charts, vocabulary, and work exemplars for both Math and Language Arts. We may use the middle space to create our "Classroom Agreement" (aka rules) display together.

Titles made over the summer. Check this post for more info
about the tassels.

On the board. The letter bunting was made from burlap paper,
letters I printed out and cut, twine, and a little mod podge.
To save board space when layering, stick a layer or border on the wall
 and another the bulletin board frame itself.

More examples of spaces ready for student input.

I don't have my displays for student work ready yet (think ribbon, command hooks, and clothespins to make it easy to change out), so I will have to update on that with another post for later. 

I got such great compliments about my room from teachers, my principal, custodian, parents, and students. I was surprised by how many of them noticed that even though I worked hard on making it appealing, it was really going to be about the students.

And that, my friends, is what it is all about. It's our space and it's ready for us to learn, create, and build together!


  1. Hi Stephanie! I just love that cute little owl with your learning targets! I also love the black, white, and red colors----your room looks great! Wishing you a fantastic school year!

    Momma with a Teaching Mission

  2. I love everything about this room. It reminds me of minnie mouse: she would fit in perfectly there! I pinned a lot, thanks for sharing so much!!

    The Whimsical Teacher

    1. That is funny! As a UGA grad, my thoughts about the theme (although I didn't plan it because of it) didn't go past red, black, and Go Dawgs!