June 7, 2016

Monday Made It!

Creative Writing With Fairy Tales: Advice Letters

I have a new product in my store! It's something simple you could use for a variety of grade levels and small group, centers, or full group settings. My kids enjoy reading fairy tales, and they especially love giving advice to other people...so enter Fairy Tale Advice letters! The product includes several formats for student response (scaffolded for use of commas and frames) and include eight different requests for advice from common fairy tale characters. Check it out!  

I recently have begun making some of my own cleaning and laundry products. It's my effort to save money and get a little healthier with the chemicals I am introducing into my home. My sister requested that I make her a set, which is what is pictured above! Here are a few links for the recipes I've used so far:

I love love love these clipboards I made for my students at the end of the year! I hope they will treasure them for years to come. I used Tagul.com to create the word clouds, and simply mod podged them to the clipboards. For the word clouds, I included each student's name, the name of our school, class, and mascot, along with adjectives that I think describe them best. Voila! 


  1. Those clipboards are fab! What a great idea:) Thanks for linking up;)

  2. Your clip boards are so cute! I am sure your students loved them!