May 5, 2016

The Important Book Inspiration

Have you ever read The Important Book? It is a lovely book by Margaret Wise Brown that I was introduced to last year. It's part poetry part word game, part opinion writing, and really, much more. I've discovered that primary students, including my end-of-the year 2nd graders, absolutely love it! This is amazing for a picture book published in 1949. 

After enjoying it together, I guided the students write their own "Important" poems using the book to provide a frame. We discussed repetition and description.  Then I got an idea...

Today I provided students with a frame to write an "Important Poem" about Family. We will send home family gifts and thank yous tomorrow, and I knew this would make a great addition. So, the students wrote, I typed, and they drew and watercolored a border. I imagine these might make it into some frames, or at least onto some refrigerators. :) 

Aren't they precious? They turned out great, and it was a really simple project!

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