June 29, 2016

The FIRST Day: Lunchtime

I once heard a school administrator say that on the first day of school, we really have only three jobs:
Get 'em here-Get 'em fed-Get 'em home
and as teacher going into the ninth year of my career, I think that is a pretty accurate statement. Lunchroom procedures and expectations can be one of the most stressful parts about the beginning of the year. And if you're like me, you know you are going to have "lunch duty" for at least a couple of days at the beginning of the year, and for good reason! Today, I want to offer just three "to-dos" to remember for your First Day Lunchtime.

1. Go To The Bathroom. Seriously. As soon as your kids get through the line, get seated, and  start eating, ask a teammate or some other adult in the room to keep an eye on your class for 30 seconds. Go do your business. Your bladder will thank you.

2. Eat. Seriously. Eat, people. Eat some protein. Eat some chocolate. Drink some water. You should be all set to conquer the last half (or less!) of your day.

3. Send a Remind Message. I like to use the Remind App for reminders, but also to send photos and compliments about the class as a whole throughout the week. Take this opportunity to send everyone a "We're having a great day!" text. Your parents will love it. Of course, this means that you need to have sent out info for how to connect via Remind at Meet The Teacher Night or through some other avenue prior to this. I guarantee you, even if less than half of your parents have signed up at that point, they will appreciate it, and then they will talk to other parents later. These parents who have not signed up yet will feel left out and they will immediately go home and make sure they are signed up, too. Try it.


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