April 26, 2016

Our Movie Review Celebration

In writing, my students have been working on Movie Reviews. I posted a week ago about some good YouTube examples and a little bit of info about the Let's Go To The Movies unit I sell on TPT.

Today, we had a celebration! I meant for us to do this last week, but since everyone wanted to type their final drafts and we only have four computers, we had to postpone a bit.

It was a super simple celebration. Sometimes that's all it takes. Actually, I'd venture to say that MOST times, that's all it takes!

We did a "museum walk" to share. Then, students gave out a few "Movie Tickets" to compliment the writers. We had a little lesson before this to be sure that the compliment was related to the writer's craft, and not the reader's personal opinion of the movie.

So, for example:
I want to see your movie because you said it's full of action and I love action movies.
...is a way to give feedback to the reader, not:
I want to see this movie because I love this movie!

Finally, I passed out popcorn for students to enjoy as they read their compliments and pieces again (they love reading those beautifully typed-out pieces!).

It was so nice to begin our week with a little writing celebration!

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