April 23, 2016

Dig Deeply Series

Hi everyone! For the past few months, I have been creating, refining, and posting new units as a part of a series called Dig Deeply Into Math: Higher Order Thinking.

I've been taking it slowly, as I have been testing these products in my own classroom. Why do I think you would be interested? Well, keep reading:

Each product takes the Common Core standard and stretches it. Take a look at this example from the multiplication unit. Students aren't just solving problems, but they must move on to connecting them to a real life story, and then choosing the best strategy for solving it.

An Example from the Multiplication Unit

Each activity offers the opportunity for tiered work. Struggling students may not be ready to do each piece, and that's ok! Their work on any portion is valid as practice or assessment toward the standard.

And Finally.

My favorite part.

Each activity has a specific assessment checklist. 
Need I say more? In my classroom, students use these to self-assess, which is such a powerful way to make students leaders of their own learning.

An Example from the Addition and Subtraction unit. 

So check out this collection by grabbing a unit in my store! OR buy the growing bundle now!

Addition and Subtraction

My Growing Bundle!

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