April 14, 2016

Movie Reviews on YouTube

I found some great movie reviews on YouTube to share with my students as we began our planning for writing Movie reviews! When I looked for reviews to share, I specifically wanted kid-friendly reviews on popular movies that included a summary, adjectives, and examples to back up what they were saying about the movie. Oh, and NO SPOILERS!

I paused the videos to discuss, and sometimes we rewatched different portions with our "writer's eyes", creating a chart of good writing moves and great words the reviewers used.

Check out the videos at these links. I've only embedded one to view here:


Lego Movie


You may also be interested in checking out my Let's Go To The Movies unit on TPT. My favorite part of this unit is the Movie Ticket "feedback" (student-to-student), and serving up popcorn at our celebration. More on that later!

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