May 22, 2015

Five For Friday: School's Out!

Time for a Friday link up where I proceed to brag about it being the end of the year! So, to my non-teacher readers that's just a warning! 
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Wedding guests received our Save The Dates this week! Aren't they fabulous? My amazing fiance designed them and we got them printed on Tiny Prints. 

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On Saturday, I had another recital with a beautifully choreographed pointe piece. I love this shot of our chaine turns from my stage director/ballet teacher/friend, Erika. We danced to Bach's Cello Suite No. 1. -Prelude.  

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I bought my kids gift cards for frozen yogurt as their gift from me this year. I usually buy books for them, but they had been book "shopping" in the library discard pile already and many of them made off pretty well. Also, I kind of procrastinated past the point of ordering from Scholastic, and you can't beat those prices!

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This week, we had a box decorating party and following that, I started packing some things up. My kids loved decorating the boxes, which made it easier to see me start packing them, I think! Let's just hope it's not rainy when I'm trying to move or I will have magic marker dripping everywhere!

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These few shots are from our last day of school. I love setting up a beautiful table for their awards. I also post their photo booth photos in the background, which are precious! Also, I love this sweet artwork I got from one of my students. They framed the one with my future name on it! I love seeing that! 

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