February 16, 2015

Welcome and All About Me

Welcome to my teaching blog! I have been teaching 2nd grade in Georgia and secretly binge reading teaching blogs (among many other types of blogs, I'll admit) for seven years. I've almost started a blog too many times to count and I'm excited to finally take the plunge! After learning from and being inspired by teacher bloggers, I think it's time to become a part of this fabulous community myself!

I'm a teacher who believes in having fun, making real life connections, and challenging those around me. I'm also a teacher who believes that it is important for all of us teachers to take care of our physical, spiritual, and emotional well beings.

When I'm not teaching, I am taking ballet classes (more on that later), spending time with my church family, snuggling with my cat, traveling from one corner of Georgia to another to see family, and hanging out with my wonderful architect husband (who, by the way, has designed the light bulb logo for me-isn't he talented?).

I also have a super amazing twin sister, toddler nephew, and baby niece. My nephew and niece will make lots of special appearances in many of my posts because I am obsessed with them.

I can't wait to share my unfolding story with you.

Happy Teaching!