February 17, 2015

Product Spotlight: Book BINGO

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The Book BINGO idea was born when I needed a way to provide direction and inspiration to students during their free choice reading at the end of the year. It was May, and pretty much all of my soon to be 3rd graders had lost their focus, stamina, and ability to choose "Good Fit" books.

Enter book BINGO. I created a book BINGO board for them to use during their free choice reading during our ELA block and challenged them to fill in at least 15 squares. It worked! It breathed life back into their work as readers and it was just FUN.

Although it is not the size of a regular BINGO board (this was on purpose as I felt that 25 was not a realistic number of tasks now that I've designed them as monthly reading homework), the idea is the same. Students can choose different reading tasks and challenge themselves to fill up a whole row or column or even the whole board! Here is my example for March:

Many 2nd graders get very attached to specific series or genres, which is wonderful! As an elementary student, I was very devoted to Baby Sitters Club, Sweet Valley Twins, and the American Girl series. Similarly, I had one student a few years ago who would only check out presidential biographies. This isn't a bad thing. This student knew what he wanted to read and how to find it. He gained familiarity with the structure and vocabulary used in these books. However, as teachers, I know we all want to expose our students to a variety of texts. Book BINGO was a simple way for me to do this.

I now use this Book BINGO as monthly reading homework. It replaces the traditional reading log that I used to assign my class. The kids do not have to fill in a square every night, because as 2nd graders I want them to read longer books and I also want them to have the freedom to choose something not listed on the BINGO board at times. At the end of the month, if students get 15 or more squares filled in, they earn a trip to the prize box.

My 2nd Grade Book BINGO for March is up on my TPT for free. See the TPT product here

My Book BINGOs for the whole year for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades are also up on my TPT site for a small price. The 1st and 3rd grade boards are new additions for me and I cannot wait to use them to differentiate for my 2nd graders! See the 2nd grade product here

I hope you'll try Book BINGO out and let me know what you think!


  1. Hi Stephanie! I just had to pop over quick. I just read your comment on my blog post this morning. I see that you are a Georgia teacher? Are you familiar with the blogger teacher meet up that is happening this coming weekend? I will actually be in Atlanta this weekend for the Ed Expo and wanted to make sure that you knew about the meet up. There are quite a few bloggers that are going to be there! Please let me know if I can help you get information if you are available.
    Mrs. Olson’s Lucky Little Learners

    1. Thanks, Angie! I wish I could meet up, but I'm unavailable this weekend. I'm not familiar with it since this is all new to me. I truly appreciate you reaching out to me, and I hope you have fun this weekend!

  2. What a great and varied menu for reading! The new calendar each month must be something your students really look forward to. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Primary Inspiration

    1. Hi, Linda! Yes, we love it! I just passed a new one out this morning and we are going to take them to the library in a few minutes to make our selections. Thanks for visiting and checking it out! Happy Friday!

  3. I love these ideas for encouraging a variety of reading.
    Thank you for sharing,
    Artistry of Education

  4. Thanks for stopping by and checking it out! I just finished "grading" the February Book BINGOs and was so pleased with the different choices my students made this month with their reading!