July 25, 2016

Monday Made It: Ideas for Community Building

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Hi everyone! I've been in Back To School mode, like a lot of you. I wanted to share a few things I've worked on as I have been setting up my new classroom. I am switching grade levels this year, so I am having to unpack and figure out a new space. I have also been focusing on how I will build community with my 3rd graders beginning at Day 1. So, the two things I am going to share with you today were created with that goal in mind. Enjoy, and I'll share some links to the original ideas for further inspiration!

Our Name-I have called my class my "Team" for many years. However, at my current school, we are a part of Expeditionary Learning, and mostly refer to ourselves as "Crew". SO I've decided to call us the T-Crew (for Tolentino-Crew) for the year, and had to make a cute little banner to display above the Promethean Board! I grabbed the felt letters at Target, and the fans at Party City. I added a little hot glue, and it was all ready to go! 

Speaking of "naming" your students, I read a great article from the Responsive Classroom blog on this recently. Check it out here: Naming Students In Positive Ways
Birthdays-I am really bad at keeping up with birthdays and making sure students feel special on their big days. I know. That sounds terrible. I've always given out a little pencil with a paper balloon attached to it, but I saw a great card idea shared by Teaching Maddeness in her Student Birthdays Made Easy post.

This card will be posted on the board for students to sign during the day for our Birthday Person. I love the idea that we will all take a minute to appreciate the birthday kid, and at the same time create a little treasure for them to take home!

Have a great week!


  1. I saw the birthday card too, thanks for reminding me to make one, yours turned out super cute!

  2. I always make sure that each child is celebrated on their special day.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Mrs. Kempa's 5th Grade Class