February 9, 2016

February's Monday Made It

YAY! Monday Made It! Let's go!

P.S. 3/4 of these have nothing to do with school and I am ok with that!

I finally made something with all of the beautiful cards we received during our season of engagement and wedding. I bought a square paper punch and then simply glued on one line at a time until I filled in the mat. I love it! It has such good memories and good wishes attached to it. I am hanging it in our bathroom, where it will repeat the scheme of small square tiles like in our shower area.

My sister and I attended a workshop on Protestant prayer beads this past weekend and we got to make some of our own! We are both excited to use these as prayer tools during the Lenten season and hopefully into the future. Check out Prayerworks Studio on ETSY for more info abut using prayer beads and to purchase prayer beads or prayer bead kits.

Last week was all about cooking with new ingredients for me! For this recipe, my new ingredient was rice noodles. Let me just say, this was such a delicious, refreshing, but also filling tilapia recipe. Check it out here! If you love tilapia and coconut milk as much as we do, you will love this recipe!

I made some read aloud guides for books which address homelessness and food insecurity. This is for an upcoming expedition for my students, but it includes this year's Newbery award winner. Check out this free, albeit simple, resource to ramp up your read aloud time with higher order questions! Fun fact: I made these resources on my school computer, which crashed just last week. So I will get to make them all over again soon! Yay! Luckily, I had sent all of the resources as PDF to my team before this, but I just can't stand not having things that are editable (and let's face it, I will admit to needing to edit a few typos). 

Happy Valentine's Week, everyone! 

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