October 2, 2015

Five for Friday

It's time to link up and reflect on my week. I wasn't sure I would have enough interesting things to say-it's been a busy, yet mundane week. You are warned.

Last weekend, Arman and I went on a date in our new neighborhood. We got a little dressed up and spoiled ourselves with delicious food from The One Eared Stag. I love scallops and this whole dish was just right up my alley!

This week I also learned a lesson about gas stoves/ovens-that bottom drawer is not a storage drawer for my casseroles and pyrex! Oops! Apparently, it's a broiler drawer. And apparently, I'm on a learning curve with this stove. I'm glad Arman noticed something was going on before it got much further than this.

According to common knowledge I am going to LOVE my gas stove. But right now, I'm distracted by the OPEN BLUE FLAME and all of the heat that seems to escape out onto the stove top when the oven is on. Is that normal? I have no idea.

This week, I wrote two other blog posts! Go me! This one is about my favorite beginning of 2nd grade read aloud: Gooney Bird Greene. 

In this post, I describe my homework system for the year. I also share a video that I made for my Classroom Blog. 

It's October! Wedding Month! Halloween! Whoo hoo! I made my Uga a costume and put a clay pumpkin outside of our door. That'll be it for decor, but I love my little Uga kitty! Anddddd by the time we pack up the Halloween pumpkin, I will have a new name! Mrs. Tolentino! Do I sound excited?!

Enjoy your weekend! Go Dogs! Beat Bama!


  1. Gas stoves TERRIFY me! I'm with you on the open blue flame! Terrifying! Best of luck with that. But more importantly, best of luck with your wedding!!!
    Shine on in First Grade

  2. I'm terrified of gas stoves, too, but I've heard cooking on them makes everything taste so much better!